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You will often find that many photographers have found their careers when it was simply a hobby, an extracurricular activity, or just by accident! For Jesse Garcia, of Jesse Garcia Photography, it was along journey that began as something he fell into and turned into an established successful profession.

Fascinated by photography and the growing rise of graphic design, had expanded Jesse's interest into working as an apprentice for a local well know photo studio. During that time he was able to combine the technical aspects of image refinement and with the aesthetics of visual art and beauty. This educational blueprint became the foundation for what would soon become the beginning of Jesse's career.

Pretty quickly this new kid on the block found love at first sight and he realized he had found his prerogative - with wedding photography. Seeing the importance and excitement of a bride and groom's special day, the day they say "forever", it became important for Jesse to truly capture the day every little girl dreams of. He began studying graphic design which allowed him to make himself useful to already established photography studios, this brought new opportunities for him as he reached out to other photographers in the Rio Grande Valley to seek out advice. Several photographers opened their doors and offered encouragement for Jesse to continue pursuing his newfound passion.

Jesse contributes the combined support and encouragement of fellow photographers, his eye for technique, and artistic visuals that he incorporates in his photographs, for his success. Never wanting to give anything less than 100%, Jesse often sets the bar high for himself to give his soon-to-be-couples the best photographs they will ever see. Keeping on his toes, his knack behind the camera has kept him going through the best of times, and his drive, determination, and dedication to his work have carried him through the lows. Taking all his experience has strengthen his love of his craft. Every wedding brings to light the raw emotion throughout the celebration, which Jesse captures, combining a unique mix of the "old and new" – studio lighting, image composition, artistic styling, and the pure happiness that glows from every couple.

Today, Jesse finds himself to be an established name among the wedding industry in the Rio Grande Valley, seeing a bride's eyes light up at the mention of his portraits. His craft has taken him all over Texas and across the country, capturing superb shots as Jesse Garcia Photography. His dream and ambition is to one day become a teacher to future photographers, to share his knowledge acquired through the years, and one day leave his legacy behind with his portraits