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{My Approach}

I take a unique approach to create a photographic journey that narrates your day. My main goal is to document the history of your love, with beautiful, timeless images. Documentary. A lot of wedding photographers throw that word around, so I'll tell you what it means to me: I work my tail off to provide the most thorough visual record of your big day I can possibly muster. Every moment -- from the most obvious to the most subtle -- is important to me; it's the only way to fully tell your all's story. In that regard my style is editorial in nature, emphasizing candid's that feature people's personalities, mixed with a touch of lightly posed romantic portraiture, all with an eye towards creating my signature "fine art" images.

{How long will you shoot?}

I start when your hair and make-up is done. It's typically a 8- to 10-hour day. But I do have a collection if you need less time, but if you need more time, we can talk about that during the consultation. The time investment on my part is crucial to providing you all with the photographs you deserve.

{Do you travel?}

Do I?!? Does a bear ... uhh ... mmm ... yes.

{So what's it cost?}

Shoot me an email via the "Contact" section of my site or call me, either way I'll be happy to provide you with my pricing. My rates are very reasonable , it's important to me that we meet face to face in order to discuss your wedding and go over pricing in detail.

{What other services do you provide?}

Just about anything photographically you can think of. I even helped drive flowers to the reception hall once. I'm a nice guy and I love to help -- let me know what you need and I'll see what I can do.