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Your investment

My wedding coverage varies throughout my collection. I usually arrive while you're getting ready, and stay through the main reception events. And if you'd like to spend a few hours making awesome portraits in multiple locations, we can do that too!

So, what's included? Of course, photography of your wedding day, from getting ready through the dancing. And while Some of my collections do include digital negatives, in this day and age I still fiercely believe that printed photographs is the absolute best way to showcase your wedding story. With that said, all of all packages include one 30 album, the style of album varies throughout the collections. We also provide at least one additional photo shoot in all of packages, as well as a portrait to display on your wedding day.

Because each wedding is unique, it's important to me that we meet face to face in order to discuss your wedding and go over pricing in detail. However, I understand that you want to know what you're getting into before you come over for a consultation, so this should help...

My Collections start at $2,800

My average clients invest between $3,800 to $5,800